Definitely First Blood



In this week’s episode we are talking about 1987 owl-headed slasher/opera gem StageFright aka Deliria aka Bloody Bird aka Aquarius aka Sound Stage Massacre directed by Michele Soavi and starring Barbara Cupisti, Mary Sellers & David Brandon. It’s a good one with a whole lot of names! As always we find out how it Jamie Lee’s, talk a little bit about the production and deal with loud neighbour dogs. 

This week we're swimming with the fishes and talking all about 1978's PIRANHA starring Heather Menzies-Urich, Bradford Dillman & Melody Thomas Scott. So grab your inner tubes, shovels and makeshift rafts and come along as we talk the movie, find out how it Jamie Lee's and Christopher talks about the production!


This week we’re talking aliens again(kinda…brain slug, zombie aliens anyway) with Fred Dekker’s masterwork NIGHT OF THE CREEPS starring Jason Lively, Tom Atkins & Jill Whitlow! It’s so good and way ahead of its time. We talk the movie, learn a little about the production and as always, find out if it Jamie Lee’s(it does). Thrill us!


This week we’re dipping into the sci-fi and talking about FIRE IN THE SKY, it’s a pretty uneventful movie but has some of the best alien sequences we can think of!  We talk about Mitch’s alien phobia and what doesn’t help is the brief, weird audio problems we have (around 0:15:00 to 0:30:00)! We finish off with Christopher telling the “true” story of Travis Walton that the film is based on.


It's Friday the 13th and everybody's favorite matriarchal maniac, Pamela Voorhees is wreaking havoc on Crystal Lake in the movie that spawned a franchise starring Adrienne King, Betsy Palmer & Kevin Bacon. We talk about the movie, learn how it Jamie Lee's and Christopher explains the Victor Miller lawsuit. We'll be the shoe!


It’s our 20th Episode(!!!) and we’re talking about first-wave slasher film FINAL EXAM starring Cecile Bagdadi, DeAnna Robins & Joel S. Rice! It’s a serviceable movie with a lot of character development, not a lot of plot and one of the better Final Girl confrontations. It’s kind of like Animal House meets Halloween. We talk about the movie, learn a little about the production and try not to die from this heatwave!


Hey Croaker Kings, Queens & Everything in-betweens - to celebrate our Canada Day and 4th of July for our US friends we’re talking about one of the only 4th of July themes Horror movies we could think of - I KNOW WHAT YOU DID LAST SUMMER starring Sarah Michelle Gellar, Jennifer Love Hewitt, Freddie Prinze Jr. & Ryan Phillipe. It’s a more modern classic with one of the best chase scenes of all time! #JusticeForHelenShivers. We got really into it, so its a long one!


Grab your disco shoes and get your elaborately choreographed dance numbers ready because we’re talking about 1980 Canadian slasher gem PROM NIGHT starring the incomparable Jamie Lee Curtis, which made our 6 Degrees super easy for this one. We chat about our own non-Proms & learn a smidge about production! Everything is alright!


This week we talk 1982 Argento giallo masterwork Tenebre aka Tenebrae aka UnSane starring Daria Nicolodi, Veronica Lario and Anthony Franciosa. With stunning visuals and an iconic score this film is AMAZING. We talk about trans actress Eva Robin's who portrays the girl from the flashback sequences, discuss Dario's inspiration and go over one of the best screams in horror history.


The full moon may have just passed but we’re talking our first werewolf flick 1985’s Silver Bullet starring Megan Follows, Corey Haim & Gary Busey. It has its problems, but we love it anyway. We talk about the switch in directors, praise the VFX and go over all of its tropes. Arooo!


It's our 15th episode special and we're talking about three movies that aren't even so bad they're good! We start with 'The Witch Who Came From the Sea' and Christopher goes over star Mille Perkins' career. Mitch leads the charge for our second film, 2017 garbage fire 'Hostile' starring Brittany Ashworth about the survivor of a boring apocalypse. Then, we finish the episode talking about possibly the worst of the three, 'Paganini Horror' where a band travels to a spooky mansion to record a music video using cursed sheet music they bought from Donald Pleasence. It's a long one but we had fun! Happy Friday!


This week we're covering Stuart Gordon's horror/comedy masterpiece RE-ANIMATOR starring Barbara Crampton, Jeffrey Combs and Bruce Abbott. Christopher talks about the production of the movie, mistakes a producer for a studio head due to poor research(thanks, wine) and we find out how it connects back to Jamie Lee. We hope our US listeners have a safe, boozy long weekend!