Episode 30 - SHOT-ON-VIDEO!!!

It’s our Shot-on-Video episode! Today we’re talking about three super low-budget 80’s horror movies. First up,  we’ve got 1986’s Terror at Tenkiller starring Stacey Logan and Michelle Merchant, this movie is about two friends spending their summer at a lake house when they’re pursued by both a killer and a douchebag ex-bf. Everybody talks very bizarrely. Second, and probably the lowest budget of the three with a light sprinkling of homophobia and misogyny we’re talking about 1987 slasher Blood Lake starring Doug Barry & Angela Darter a group of teens are stalked by a mysterious, cowboy-booted killer while at a cottage and finally we talk 1989 Ozploitation film Houseboat Horror, a lacklustre Friday the 13th rip off with way too many characters and too much going on.