Episode 52 - FINAL STAB!!!

It’s a party at the Palermo Estate and we’re all invited! This episode we’re talking about David DeCoteau’s Final Stab aka Final Scream starring Erinn Hayes, Melissa Renee Martin, Chris Boyd, Jamie Gannon and Laila Reece Landon as young folks killing and being killed at a secluded house that was the site of a quadruple homicide. It’s kind of like April Fool’s Day meets Scream but with a lot of strobe lightning, a camera that’s always moving and barely a moment that doesn’t have score playing underneath it. We talk the movie and then play another game of ‘DECOTEAU OR PORN?’ where Mitch has to decide between two titles to guess which is a film by prolific director David DeCoteau or a regular ol’ porno. 

Definitely FIrst Blood