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Episode 50 - THE MANITOU!!!

It is our ONE YEAR ANNIVERSARY and we’re talking about one of the craziest movies we can think of… THE MANITOU! Written and Directed by William Girdler and starring Tony Curtis, Susan Strasberg & Michael Ansara this movie features 3(maybe 4) cases of brown face, finger lasers while nude, a levitating elderly woman and lots and lots of chanting. It is a disaster that everybody should see. 

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Episode 28 - ORCA!!!

It’s Friday and we’re having a whale of a time talking about 1977’s ORCA! Charlotte Rampling, Richard Harris, Will Sampson and Bo Derek star in this Jaws knock-off about an Orca seeking revenge against a Captain and his crew who killed his lady. It’s much more style than substance, but has one hell of a credits song. We also talk(spoiler free) about two new movies we watched this week, Puppetmaster: The Littlest Reich and Summer of ’84! 

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