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Episode 57 - ROCKTOBER BLOOD!!!

Big hair, electric guitars and very little sense… this episode we’re talking about 1984 hair metal slasher ROCKTOBER BLOOD! Written by Ferd & Beverly Sebastian with Beverly also in the director’s chair Rocktober Blood stars their son Tracy Sebastian (or Tray Loren as he’s credited here) as Billy Eye, a seemingly(but not really) undead maniac singer with his sights on revenge! Rounding out the cast are Donna Scoggins as Headmistress’ new lead singer Lynn and Nigel Benjamin as band manager Chris, as well as performing the vocals for Billy. This thing is a mess. We share our spoiler-free thoughts on the new Pet Sematary, talk about the movie and then Christopher explains how Nigel Benjamin ended up lending his vocals.

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Episode 46 - THE INITIATION!!!

We’re dipping back into the murky waters of dreams, hypnosis, secret siblings and endless mentions of Freud and Jung this week with THE INITIATION! Starring Daphne Zuniga, Marilyn Kagan, Hunter Tylo and Frances Peterson as our sorority sisters and with big names like Vera Miles & Clu Gulager, this slasher has some quality acting and a pretty solid final 20 minutes but it’s definitely an uphill battle to get there.  We talk about the movie, Christopher talks a little about the production & Mitch can’t believe there were psychology consultants. Marcia says it best, “It’s like looking for the meaning of life in a donut hole.”

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Episode 37 - THE MUTILATOR!!!

We’re back from our impromptu fall break and talking about the true king of the fall break, THE MUTILATOR(aka Fall Break)! Written and Directed by Buddy Cooper and starring Ruth Martinez, Matt Miller, Connie Rogers, Bill Hitchcock & Frances Raines, this little gem does not disappoint in the gore and is relatively unique while also being a very by-the-numbers slasher film with perhaps THE best original song in a horror movie. As always we talk about the movie then Christopher fills us in on the production! FallBreak4Ever!

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