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Episode 55 - SLAUGHTER HIGH!!!

Electrocution by bed, drowning by sewage, bathcid and poorly stored hazardous chemicals can only mean that we're talking about SLAUGHTER HIGH! This April Fool's Day themed slasher has a trio of Writers/Directors in Mark Ezra, George Dugdale and Peter Litten and stars a 36-year old Caroline Munro as a high schooler and Simon Scuddamore as revenge-seeking nerd Marty Rantzen. We talk the movie and its production, learn about Director Peter Litten's ghost movie and as always find out how it Jamie Lee's.

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Episode 37 - THE MUTILATOR!!!

We’re back from our impromptu fall break and talking about the true king of the fall break, THE MUTILATOR(aka Fall Break)! Written and Directed by Buddy Cooper and starring Ruth Martinez, Matt Miller, Connie Rogers, Bill Hitchcock & Frances Raines, this little gem does not disappoint in the gore and is relatively unique while also being a very by-the-numbers slasher film with perhaps THE best original song in a horror movie. As always we talk about the movie then Christopher fills us in on the production! FallBreak4Ever!

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Episode Fourteen - RE-ANIMATOR!!!

This week we're covering Stuart Gordon's horror/comedy masterpiece RE-ANIMATOR starring Barbara Crampton, Jeffrey Combs and Bruce Abbott. Christopher talks about the production of the movie, mistakes a producer for a studio head due to poor research(thanks, wine) and we find out how it connects back to Jamie Lee. We hope our US listeners have a safe, boozy long weekend!

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