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Episode 25 - STAGEFRIGHT!!!

In this week’s episode we are talking about 1987 owl-headed slasher/opera gem StageFright aka Deliria aka Bloody Bird aka Aquarius aka Sound Stage Massacre directed by Michele Soavi and starring Barbara Cupisti, Mary Sellers & David Brandon. It’s a good one with a whole lot of names! As always we find out how it Jamie Lee’s, talk a little bit about the production and deal with loud neighbour dogs. 

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Episode Twelve - OPERA!!!

We’re raven(see what we did there?) about Dario Argento’s 1987 film OPERA starring Cristina Marsillach, Daria Nicolodi, Urbano Barberini and Ian Charleston. It’s a fantastic movie with an amazing score, grisly kills (including one of the best ever) and the occasional hilariously bad dubbing. We talk about the Shakespearian comparisons and Christopher tells the story of a real-life murder at the Metropolitan Opera in 1980 that is a parallel to the film. We say ‘Macbeth’ many times so we are definitely cursed now.

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