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Episode 22- FIRE IN THE SKY!!!

This week we’re dipping into the sci-fi and talking about FIRE IN THE SKY, it’s a pretty uneventful movie but has some of the best alien sequences we can think of!  We talk about Mitch’s alien phobia and what doesn’t help is the brief, weird audio problems we have (around 0:15:00 to 0:30:00)! We finish off with Christopher telling the “true” story of Travis Walton that the film is based on.

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Episode Four - LEPRECHAUN!!!

It's St.Patrick's Day! To celebrate we're tying a few on and watching Jennifer Aniston battle Warwick Davis in 1993 masterpiece LEPRECHAUN. Mitch recounts his worst St. Patrick's Day stories while working for a University and Christopher talks about his love of gilt. Will it Jamie-Lee? Will we be sober enough to make it through the episode? Will our dogs finally kill us and eat our bodies? Grab a beer (or several) and listen to us scream at you. Happy St. Patrick's Day!

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