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Episode 59 - CASTLE FREAK!!!

We’re headed to Castle D’Orsino this week to talk about Stuart Gordon’s Castle Freak! This film reunites genre legends Barbara Crampton and Jeffrey Combs as Susan and John Reilly with Jessica Dolalrhide as their blind daughter Rebecca and Jonathan Fuller as the monstrous Giorgio D’Orsino. John Reilly inherits a castle in Italy from his recently deceased Aunt that isn’t as empty as it seems. This gothic tale gave us some serious Hammer Horror vibes and we really loved it!

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Episode 32 - JACK-O!!!

It's our second Halloween-y episode and we are talking about 1995's JACK-O! Starring Linnea Quigley (the only saving grace), Rachel Carter & Maddisen K. Krown with cameos by Brinke Stevens, John Carradine & Cameron Mitchell, this Halloween number is kind-of a disaster, but a fun one. It has everything... parodies of Conservative pundits, death by toaster, nudity and some of the worst child acting...ever!? This week we drink Lake of Bays Brewing Co.'s Pumpkin Ale, talk about our favorite Halloween costumes, dunk on the movie and learn about it's weird production process! Have a spooky weekend kids!

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