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Episode 48 - LOVERS LANE!!!

It’s the first of two Valentine’s Day episodes and we’re getting into the romantic mood and talking about loosely Valentine’s Day themed 1999 slasher LOVERS LANE starring Erin J Dean, Anna Faris, Riley Smith & Sarah Lancaster and directed by Jon Ward,  Thirteen years ago Mandy’s Mom and Michael’s Dad were murdered on Lovers Lane by a hook-handed maniac(or was it!?) and now its Michael and his pals being murdered. This movie is a pretty big mess featuring incestuous relations, a terrible wig and a whole bunch of Coke product placement in the age of Pepsi. Line drive, bitch.

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Episode 27 - GINGER SNAPS!!!

The dogs are barking and Ginger is snapping in this week’s episode! We’re talking homegrown werewolf-body-horror gem GINGER SNAPS starring Emily Perkins, Katharine Isabelle, Mimi Rogers & Kris Lemche. Mitch gives a brief review of Sick House by Jeff Strand, we combat (oddly appropriate) upstairs dogs being loud, discuss the movie and Christopher talks about the troubled production! 

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Episode 26 - CHERRY FALLS!!!

It’s Episode 26 and we’re going all the way… back to 2000 and talking about Geoffrey Wright’s Cherry Falls starring Brittany Murphy, Gabriel Mann & Michael Biehn. We talk about two sci-fi horror flicks we watched this week that were very bad & then we jump into Cherry Falls. It’s a toe-biting, eyelash curling, cherry popping good time that suffered from a lot of cuts & production drama. Class Dismissed!

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