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Episode 67 - PSYCHO PIKE!!!

This week we’re celebrating Canada Day by talking about this absolutely wild and rare Canadian horror, Chris Poschun’s PSYCHO PIKE!  Wayne McNamara, Dawn Kelly, Sarah Campbell and Douglas Kidd star as two couples heading up to Lake Shippagew for some relaxation, fishing and environmental espionage who run afoul of the local sawmill. There’s also a German toilet photographer, a farting sherriff and a one-eyed gas station attendant named Willy!

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Episode 40 - CANNIBAL GIRLS!!!

It's 1973 in Canada, Trudeau is the PM, Alex Trebek has just moved to the States for his first hosting gig and cannibal girls are eating men in small towns everywhere... well, in Farnhamville! Before there was Ghostbusters, there was Ivan Reitman's Cannibal Girls! This little exploitation flick stars a very young Eugene Levy and Andrea Martin and features Randall Carpenter, Mira Pawluk and Bonnie Neillson as the eponymous Cannibals. We chat about the movie while drinking Beau's Janis and talk about the improvised script and stressful post-production. 

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