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Episode 40 - CANNIBAL GIRLS!!!

It's 1973 in Canada, Trudeau is the PM, Alex Trebek has just moved to the States for his first hosting gig and cannibal girls are eating men in small towns everywhere... well, in Farnhamville! Before there was Ghostbusters, there was Ivan Reitman's Cannibal Girls! This little exploitation flick stars a very young Eugene Levy and Andrea Martin and features Randall Carpenter, Mira Pawluk and Bonnie Neillson as the eponymous Cannibals. We chat about the movie while drinking Beau's Janis and talk about the improvised script and stressful post-production. 

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Episode 39 - CURTAINS!!!

It’s curtains on fall and we’re kicking off the winter season with… CURTAINS! Directed by Richard Ciupka(and Peter Simpson) and starring some great genre talent like  Lynne Griffin (Black Christmas), Samantha Eggar (The Brood), Lesleh Donaldson(Happy Birthday to Me) & Sandee Currie(Terror Train) this home-grown Canadian slasher is kind-of a mess but features great performances, a spooky mask and a pretty iconic ice-skating chase. Christopher talks about the troubled, long production that spanned almost 3 years and as always we find out how it Jamie Lee’s. 

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Episode 27 - GINGER SNAPS!!!

The dogs are barking and Ginger is snapping in this week’s episode! We’re talking homegrown werewolf-body-horror gem GINGER SNAPS starring Emily Perkins, Katharine Isabelle, Mimi Rogers & Kris Lemche. Mitch gives a brief review of Sick House by Jeff Strand, we combat (oddly appropriate) upstairs dogs being loud, discuss the movie and Christopher talks about the troubled production! 

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