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Episode 77 - HACK-O-LANTERN!!!

We’re rolling right along with our Halloween episodes this week as we talk Jag Mundhra’s 1988 slasher(?) HACK-O-LANTERN! We have a new theme song, Christopher makes Mitch drink his festive beer cocktail the Hexxenweizen, we talk briefly about The Young Cannibals(2019) and then we dive right into the movie. Hack-O-Lantern stars Carla B., Jeff Brown and Gregory Scott Cummins as Vera, Roger & Tommy; a trio of siblings subjected to the torment of their incestuous, cult-leader Grandfather(kind of) played by Hy Pyke and their kooky mother who loves mourning and gardening. There’s also Vera’s friend Beth, Tommy’s girlfriend Nora, a inexplicable stand-up comedian, death by corset, a snake charmer and a stripping saloon girl! IT’S NOT NATURE!!!

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