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Episode 47 - HIDE AND GO SHRIEK!!!

They’re a bunch of fabulous friends who survived high school… for now. This week we’re talking about Skip Schoolnik’s 1988 slasher HIDE AND GO SHRIEK starring Bunky Jones, Donna Baltron, Brittain Frye, Annette Sinclair & Sean Kanan. Eight freshly graduated teens spend the night at one of their father’s furniture store and are stalked by a killer who is anything but a Laz-E-Boy. The fashions are outrageous, the hair is huge and the lighting is dark but we love this one! We discuss the criticisms that the movie is homophobic and give our opinions and then Christopher talks about his admiration of Bunky Jones and her hair, the lack of information about her lead him to find out about her passing in October 2015.

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