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Episode 34 - NIGHT OF THE DEMONS!!!

It’s a Halloween Party at Hull House and we’re all invited! We talk about our Thanksgiving, drink Iron Maiden Brewery’s Hallowed and share our thoughts on the new Pet Sematary trailer. Then, we dive into talking all about Kevin Tenney’s NIGHT OF THE DEMONS starring Cathy Podewell, Alvin Alexis, Amelia Kinkade & our fave, Linnea Quigley. It’s one of the best Halloween movies around with a stellar soundtrack, great camerawork and some pretty admirable attention to detail! It’s far-fucking-out! 

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Episode 32 - JACK-O!!!

It's our second Halloween-y episode and we are talking about 1995's JACK-O! Starring Linnea Quigley (the only saving grace), Rachel Carter & Maddisen K. Krown with cameos by Brinke Stevens, John Carradine & Cameron Mitchell, this Halloween number is kind-of a disaster, but a fun one. It has everything... parodies of Conservative pundits, death by toaster, nudity and some of the worst child acting...ever!? This week we drink Lake of Bays Brewing Co.'s Pumpkin Ale, talk about our favorite Halloween costumes, dunk on the movie and learn about it's weird production process! Have a spooky weekend kids!

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