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Episode 55 - SLAUGHTER HIGH!!!

Electrocution by bed, drowning by sewage, bathcid and poorly stored hazardous chemicals can only mean that we're talking about SLAUGHTER HIGH! This April Fool's Day themed slasher has a trio of Writers/Directors in Mark Ezra, George Dugdale and Peter Litten and stars a 36-year old Caroline Munro as a high schooler and Simon Scuddamore as revenge-seeking nerd Marty Rantzen. We talk the movie and its production, learn about Director Peter Litten's ghost movie and as always find out how it Jamie Lee's.

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This week we’re talking about Carol Frank’s 1986 slasher and spiritual sister to Slumber Party Massacre… Sorority House Massacre starring Angela O’Neill, Wendy Martel, Pamela Ross & Nicole Rio. It’s a miraculous 80’s time capsule (with absolutely amazing clothes) that actually kind-of holds up and is a lot of fun! We talk the movie & find out what Angela O’Neill is up to now! I mean, too chic!

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